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The Spot Studio – An Audio Visual Company

Orlando's best kept secret for audio, video and graphic design.


What makes our company the best asset to your latest project.
Go to Recording


Bring your creative musical ideas to life . Our tracking engineers listen closely to your intentions and push you to perform them at your best. Remember: To us, a record is a timeless document etched in stone.

Go to Mix/Mastering


Take your recorded masterpiece to a new level of polish! Our mix/master engineers obsess about tiny details that are felt not heard by your fans and listeners. Never overcooked… Just Right.

Go to Video/Photography


Showcase your vision in real life! Our directors trace a plan to tackle even the most elaborate dream. You owe it to your art to be this detailed. Then, execute your plan on location. We don’t stop until the mission is completed.

Go to Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Take your project across the finish line! Graphic design presents your finished product to the world in amazing detail and style. Whether it be a CD cover, a professional logo or a flyer for your next performance, we deliver.

Go to ByTheBROS. Production

ByTheBROS. Production

Nothing affects the end-product more than the production process. You wrote what many have called ‘A HIT!’ don’t trust what could change your life forever to amateurs. Let ByTheBROS. production put the gold touch on it.

Go to Artist Dev./Consulting

Artist Dev./Consulting

The Music Business is a long road. Get directions from experienced mapmakers. Get industry-honed insight into the madness that is ‘the biz’. You need someone watching out for the path of your dreams.

"Underbid & Over-Deliver," has been our motto since before we even opened our doors.
Give your project the professional touch it deserves!

The moment TheBROS. first got the idea to start their own studio, they knew they wanted to develop a place that tore down all the things they hated about other studios and their "creative experience."

"No clock-watching," said brother Vlad. "Engaged Engineers that are actually paying attention..." mentioned KHertz. "Right! No monkey-pushes-the-button-style sessions." "Real, USEFUL feedback after a take!" "Honest constructive criticism so that you'll make your mistakes in-house and not in front of your fans or the public!" "So true!," replied Brother Vlad.

So they set out on their journey to provide the best creative vibe for creators to do what they do best and quickly understood that comparing yourself to others is a fool's errand. "Just keep your head down and keep working... They'll all come around..." said KHertz. Almost 10 years on, I think that bit of advice rings quite true.

  • Many started with us and not many of them still stand.

  • Trust professionals to do the job right.

  • Where we're going we don't need roads!

  • 4.8 out of 5 stars don't lie!


The hardest-working Men and Women in the industry. Changing lives through music.

‘Brother Vlad’ Colón

CEO, Producer, Engineer, Musician
A hip hop disciple. Vlad is the epitome of knowledge and creativity. Having spent many years on the road internationally managing groups and artists, Vlad has amassed an immense and diverse stockpile of industry experiences. From fashion trends, cutting edge production to an innate sense for the freshest kicks, there’s nothing he can’t be consulted on.

Karlos ‘1kHertz’ Colón

CIO, Producer, Mix/Master Engineer, Musician, Composer
A rocker who grew up in the Jazz world, kHertz began his journey in the music world playing clarinet/saxophone. A multi-instrumentalist, he was granted a full scholarship to Berklee College of Music, studying Contemporary Writing and Production. A former professor at Full Sail University, he holds a Bachelor’s from Berklee and a Master’s in education from Cambridge College.

Yessica Santiago

Executive Assistant/Client Coordinator
Having had extensive experiences interviewing Latin Artists in her youth, Yessy has huge personal connections to many legends in the Latin Music industry. She is a music lover and business entrepreneur all rolled into one. She is the most important part of the management team.


Engineers & Editors This is Your Chance!!
This is your chance to join a dedicated team! Send your résumé and your best work to our email below: info@thespotsound.com
*These are real life clients.*

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